'Man in Black' taking on a new role

Kris Dubé The Times The 'man in black' has made his way to the silver screen. Local resident Jim Yorfido has been a musician for most of his life and one of his most recent projects has been portraying Johnny Cash on stage, as part of the Sun Records Story, an international touring show that chronicles the Memphisbased record label that launched the career of many legendary performers such as Cash, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and others. This has kept him busy for the last five years, playing all over Canada and parts of the U.S., but he now has a new effort to focus on. Yorfido will play a role in a film to be shot in Niagara Falls, called the Resurrection of a Guitar Hero. His role is inspired by Johnny Cash but the famous performer's name is not used and instead, his character is referred to simply as 'the man in black.' A friend told Yorfido about a casting call for the role and he decided to see what it was all about. He arrived at an audition and producers of the film told him they were looking for what he referred to as a "third-rate" Johnny Cash. Since he has been mirroring the stage presence, voice and style of Cash for about seven years.... he said that wouldn't be a problem. "I'm at least second rate," he laughed. This was back in September of last year when he first showcased himself for the role and a little while later was invited back to read dialogue for the film. Shortly after that, he learned the role was his and now he looks forward to contributing his voice and look to the project, which he expects will be very exciting, working with people from the movie industry who have what he said is a great vision. "You can tell the people behind this are real pros," he said. Acting is something Yorfido does have experience with, as there are many speaking parts in the shows he plays as Johnny Cash, along his wife Pam who plays the role of June Carter with him and has also been a tribute artist that celebrates the work of country singer Tammy Wynette. He also played with a Niagara-based children's group called the Smudge Fundaes for almost a decade before they called it quits. "I've done a lot of stage acting, but never anything for movies," he said. Playing Cash, Yorfido says it doesn't take much acting because the legendary singer was never one for gimmicks. Therefore, pinpointing his behaviour is basically impossible and the real focus is making sure the songs sound as similar as possible to Cash's recordings. "He never did the same thing twice... I'm myself up there, the people love it and it works," he said. Aside from the role in the film, Yorfido is also getting ready for several dates in Ontario. He also performs with New Kid in Town, an Eagles * Johnny Cash Performed by Marty Allen * Minnie Pearl Performed by Debbie Bayshaw * Lorretta Lynn Performed by Darleen Flannigan (Nesbitt) * The Stars of the Grand Ole Opry by Grant Carson Band * Also preforming Brittany Hebbourn tribute act. Also, he and his wife Pam are also getting prepared for 'Johnny Cash and the Queens of Country.' Yorfido will play the familiar role of the man in black while Pam will sing songs originally performed by Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. They will also be joined by Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Marie Bottrell, who will perform as Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. The Yorfidos are also planning a benefit for the local SPCA, which will take place this summer. 'Resurrection of a Guitar Hero' is described as a modern day fairy tale about an upand-comingguitarist who makes a bad deal with a witch to become a superstar. Now it's up to him to thwart her plans and find all the pieces of an enchanted guitar before she does. The film is being created by independentfilmmakers, the Moon Brothers. MOUNT CARMEL CENTRE 3770 Montrose Rd.


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Saturday, February 25, 2012 * Fort Erie Times 5 Pam and Jim Yorfido have been performing together for years. Last week, Jim was chosen to portray 'the man in black' in a film that will be shot in Niagara Falls.


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